Effective Chemical Peel Treatments in Newtown, PA

When you’re looking for more youthful, healthier looking skin, a chemical peel may be the answer for you. Refresh Wellness offers chemical peels designed to target various skin issues, restoring that youthful, vibrant glow to your skin.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can give new life to your skin. A safe chemical solution is applied to your face, then the top layer of skin is peeled away to reveal a beautiful glow and healthier looking skin. When the top layer of skin is shed, cells that were previously below the surface now move up, increasing collagen production and rejuvenating your skin's appearance. By removing surface skin cells, patients can see an improvement in acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. Peels have long-lasting effects because the chemicals linger in the skin’s pores, keeping them unclogged, and reducing acne as a result.

These aren’t the chemical peels of the ‘90s; new chemical solutions have been finely tuned to diminish lines, improve skin tone, and enhance skin without the painful, raw skin that came with the treatments of yesteryear. Peels are safe to use on all skin tones since the chemicals can be adjusted to meet the needs of each patient. Chemical peels are also a popular choice for patients seeking an alternative to laser treatments.

Types of Chemical Peels We Offer

Refresh Wellness offers medical-grade chemical peels designed to improve various skin conditions. Our solutions can help fade acne, scars, and skin discoloration, as well as repair damage from mild and severe skin conditions. Chemical peel treatments can help give men and women the youthful, vibrant look they’ve been hoping to achieve. Read below for our various chemical peels and their unique benefits. Your doctor will help you determine which is right for your skin.