Unwanted Hair Removal

There are so many options out there for getting rid of your unwanted hair. Shaving and waxing are the most traditional, but the hair just keeps coming back! You can go to the spa and get lengthy treatments done too, but who has the time and the money for all that?

You need a better solution for unwanted hair removal and Refresh has the answer!

Our laser hair removal treatments are the most effective, longest-lasting procedures in the industry. Using modern devices and technology, we eradicate hair down to the roots to remove it and stop it from coming back for good. These treatments are beneficial for every skin type and performed by board-certified technicians and physicians with the kind of experience you need.

The Refresh Hair Removal Difference

The Refresh difference is that our hair removal services have the properly trained staff and clinical studies with results to back them up and is PAIN-FREE. This NEW laser is state-of-the-art technology and is more effective than older lasers without the pain of older lasers.  Often, people seek out help from those with no medical training and can suffer serious after-effects such as skin irritation, rashes, rough skin, skin discoloration and worse. The medical personnel at Refresh use your unique history to ensure the best experience possible and, combined with the newest technology on the market, prevent any adverse reactions from occurring whilst you are undergoing our treatments.

For more information concerning our unwanted hair removal options, or to speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, please contact Refresh at 215-968-3057.