Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Removing unwanted hair safely, effectively, and permanently is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done today. The social norms of the time expect both men and women to have full, lustrous heads of hair, but at the same time expect them to be smooth to the touch almost everywhere else simultaneously. At times, people are even reluctant to remove their clothes at places like the beach for fear of judgment from their excessive amounts of body hair or razor bumps.

Refresh can make that trepidation a thing of the past with our fast, effective laser hair removal systems!

Alma Lasers

Our office uses the most advanced laser technology on the market today from brand-name industry giant, Alma. Their Soprano line is top quality in ease-of-use, clinical results among patients and is PAIN FREE unlike older lasers on the market. We treat almost every area on the body with the Soprano and every skin type as well.

How It Works

The Soprano Hair Removal System from Alma incorporates various laser wavelengths and technologies to shrivel unwanted hair follicles right down to the root and prevent them from ever coming back. The Soprano system provides incredible results, and Refresh offers a physician-guided treatment plan to make your dreams of total unwanted hair removal a smooth reality. Refresh goes above and beyond with their 5 year touchup plan as well!

For more information concerning unwanted hair removal treatment options, or to speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, please contact Refresh at 215-968-3057.