Rosacea: Causes & Treatments

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a disorder of the facial skin. It causes uncomfortable redness, blotches, flushing, bumps and pimples that form on the top layers of the skin. Rosacea affects more than 16 million Americans across the country and is becoming more and more prevalent due to immunity issues among men and women.

What Causes Rosacea?

Many of the root causes of rosacea are unknown to modern science. However, some of the theories that have been developed over the years include defects in the immune system, defects in the nervous system and facial blood vessels. Genetics also play a role in the transference of rosacea among many people.

Effective Treatment Options

But, as much as science doesn’t know about rosacea, they are developing a variety of exceptional treatments to combat it at its source. Refresh employs the most effective treatments and delivers them using the most modern technology available. Mild moisturizers and cleansers, IPL devices, topical ointments, cosmetic procedures – our treatment center uses the safest most natural methods to eliminate rosacea in our patients for good.

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