Scars: Causes & Treatments

When people experience physical trauma, it can leave scars. Cuts, wounds, the separation of skin and flesh – all lead to rough raised mounds of pink or white on the skin and serves as a reminder that the human body is resilient, yet fragile.

Some scarring is more extensive than others, but any scarring can be unsightly, embarrassing or a painful psychological reminder of a traumatic time in our lives. You can get scars in other ways besides injury, such as via acne, stretch marks, burns and infections to name a few.

Erasing Scars with Refresh

But not all scarring has to be permanent on your body. By working with Refresh, you can get the treatments you need to reverse the signs of scarring and return your skin to its beautiful, healthy state. We use modern, advanced technology to fade raw, red scarring and make signs of physical injury all but disappear.

Relying heavily on the latest, safe laser treatments, such as Fraxel restore as well as micro sculpting with dermal fillers, microneedling and medical grade facials and chemical peels, Refresh can make your scarring fade. Our experienced technicians and doctors have the ability and experience necessary to perform these procedures.

For more information concerning our scar treatment options, or to speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, please contact Refresh at 215-968-3057.