Tattoo Removal Treatments

A tattoo is a personalized part of you. It is an extension of who you are, who you were, or who you hope to be. But there are times when you want to remove the mistake of the past and make a fresh start with a clean slate. You want your body, unblemished.

Refresh can help!

Our tattoo removal procedures are safe, effective and happen within your body gradually so that there is no scarring or discoloration of your skin.

Our Tattoo Removal Treatments

Previously, tattoo removal was strictly surgical. However, modern dermatological advances have allowed medical personnel and professionals – like the staff here at Refresh – to incorporate laser technology for a seamless, safe treatment process, every time.

Your unique tattoo removal treatment procedure begins with a one-on-one evaluation with us. Once we determine the scope of the procedure, we can calibrate our laser to the correct pigment and let the removal begin.

The dermatological lasers combine three different wavelengths to fracture the actual colored pigment of the tattoo and help the body’s natural immune system to erase the unwanted cells. Typically, multiple rounds of this specialized treatment are required. Dr. Lori Gerber and our staff of tattoo removal experts will be happy to devise a unique plan that works around your schedule and needs.

For more information concerning our tattoo removal treatment options, or to speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, please contact Refresh at 215-968-3057.