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"I get the best care in this place. All my questions are always answered in detail, allowing me to make the most informed decisions I could possibly make. Lori is the best! Just had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sean and I have to say, he's just as great! Building relationships is key to any successful business. They do just that, build.. You come here and you learn, you joke, you laugh, you chat, you leave happy with results and with the experience." - M.C.

 "I followed Shawn's directions and as promised, the weight has been melting off. Thus far I have lost 8 lbs total (4 lbs per week!) and I have been so crazy at work andtraveling across the country every week for work that I haven't had time to workout. This diet is the easiest thing I've ever done and the weight is coming off. I urge anyone who is having a hard time losing weight to try this - it has honestly made such a difference to me and I am so grateful to Shawn and Lori! :)" - A.M.

"Dr Lori is amazing! Her office is beautiful and state of the art. Her skills with anti-aging treatments are superior to most. And her pricing is very competitive! 5 star operation all the way!" - L.K.

"I am only halfway there but I just wanted you to know that you both have changed my life."

 "I now want to get out of bed in the morning. I want to go to parties and go out with my friends."

 "I cannot thank you enough!!" - K.C.

 "Lori, amazing difference, between my weight loss and my skin, you have changed my life. The weight loss has taken 20 years off my life, felt like an old lady before now I have more energy than ever before!" - N . X.

 "Just wanted to say "I LOOK AMAZING"!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY… no bruising, just perfect!" - S.S.

 "No bruises and i can already tell a're the best

Dr. Lori :)" - M.D.

 “Dr. Lori is a perfectionist, which is important in her business. She never rushes or makes you feel like she is in a hurry, even though she’s busy. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to as she gives you her undivided attention because she genuinely cares about you and your health. She is a wonderful doctor!” - C.R.

 “I went to Dr Gerber to see if she could help rid my forehead of the deep furrows between the brows affectionately called the elevens. After a painless injection and a week of time, I no longer appear angry! “

 ”Dr. Gerber did an amazing job on my Botox and Juvederm injections. My forehead is smooth and she made my lips look plumper without looking fake. She made me feel comfortable and eased my fears. I plan to have a fraxel treatment next week, am very excited.

I am on Day 4 of my detox. I have followed the program exactly as in the book, except for the fact that I picked the recipes that were favorites for me and started them yesterday. I did the green peppers and Spicy black been soup and Kale recipes. I cannot believe how delicious these foods taste. Even the breakfast. I feel great. This is the best I have felt in a years. The 1st & 2nd days were the hardest to get past but after that, it has been smooth sailing. I have lost 6 pounds. The bloating in my stomach has decreased immensely. It seem I have a better attitude towards everything.

I started Life Coaching with Shawn mid-January, in 3 months Shawn helped me reorganize my next step in life, to lose weight and stick with it, gain confidence to start working again after a move and 3 years home with my kids, and to value myself and my time. I lost 18lbs, I'm working again doing something I love, I'm happy, and so is my family!"

"Omg! I adore you! You have made it so I can actually not look thoroughly gross when I get up in the am and look in the mirror sans makeup! #miracleworker"

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