Wrinkles: Causes & Treatments

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are fine lines and creases in the skin. When the skin loses elasticity, it begins to overlap; causing these lines and creases to appear. Wrinkles can happen anywhere on the body, but patients who come to Refresh generally want them treated around the face and neck, as they are the areas in which wrinkles are most prevalent.

What Causes Wrinkles?

The natural aging process is the main cause for wrinkles, but there are other factors as well. Exposure to sun and chemicals are major causes, while lifestyle choices, genetics and dramatic changes in diet and exercise are others. Exposure to these negative factors breaks down your skin’s connective tissue, collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of your skin and wrinkles are the result.

Effective Treatments for Wrinkles

Whatever the cause for patients, our treatment center offers a number of options that will tighten the skin and make it look more youthful and exuberant than ever before. Botox and dermal filler injections are particularly effective for our patients, as are laser re-surfacing treatments such as Fraxel, chemical peels and microneedling that revitalize the skin.

For more information concerning our wrinkle treatment options, or to speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, please contact Refresh at 215-968-3057.