Laser Hair Removal (Pain Free)

Painless Laser Hair Removal

In order to be more self-confident, you can’t have excessive body hair if you’re going to a beach or another location where your legs, underarms, and other parts of your body will be exposed. You have to remove this hair, but how? You could try to do it yourself and risk uneven removal levels, razor bumps, cuts, and other unpleasant effects. Or, you could spend tons of time and money on spa treatments. However, there’s an easier way. Why not take advantage of one of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures: laser treatment for hair removal in Newtown?

We offer this painless procedure here at Refresh, the leading location for integrative medicine in the Newtown, Langhorne, and Warminster areas of Pennsylvania. We use industry-leading laser technology from Alma’s Soprano Hair Removal System to treat every skin type and almost every body part, from permanent underarm hair removal to laser hair removal for the face and legs.

Permanent and Painless Laser Hair Removal in Newtown, PA

No matter how well you shave away unwanted body hair, it always grows back. But you won’t have to worry about that when undergoing permanent laser hair removal in Newtown. Its wavelength technology reaches hair follicles at the roots, preventing the hair from growing back. We offer laser treatment plans guided by board-certified physicians and technicians (including a five-year touch-up plan), so you can achieve the results you want from undergoing permanent underarm hair removal.

Older laser treatments may have removed your unwanted hair, but only at the expense of personal comfort because these older systems were painful. Without the latest technology or trained, dedicated staff, laser treatments can result in side effects like irritated, discolored, rough skin with rashes and other problems. You won’t have to worry at Refresh, though, thanks to our experienced technicians and the best technology you can experience during your painless laser hair removal in Newtown.

More Opportunities from Refresh

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Also known as Non-Ablative Laser Resurfacing or Non-Ablative Fractional Resurfacing, this FDA-approved procedure improves the appearance of the face with the help of collagen, a bodily protein. By reaching below the skin’s surface, this treatment aids the body’s healing process to reduce wrinkles, heal acne scarring, and treat areas affected by Melasma.

NIR Skin Tightening

Near-Infrared Radiation (NIR) skin tightening uses lasers to tighten the skin with the help of collagen painlessly.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

If you have swollen, raised blood vessels in your legs, an often painful condition known as varicose veins or spider veins, it can decrease your circulation. To remove these unpleasant blemishes, we offer Sclerotherapy treatment on an individual basis. This procedure involves an injection of a chemical solution to collapse the affected veins completely. The injection we offer is called Asclera and is minimally invasive.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Healthy skin sometimes lies just beneath the surface. Unfortunately, this surface is often visibly unhealthy, riddled with features like acne, discoloration, and acne. Our chemical peel treatment uses a safe chemical solution to remove this unhealthy layer and bring healthy pores to the surface. This process allows long-term rejuvenation, as the solution will stay in the skin to keep pores unclogged. The chemical is engineered to suit the needs of each patient and be gentle on the skin – no painful raw skin that less advanced forms of this treatment often produce. Refresh offers free touch-ups with all of our laser treatment for hair removal services in Newtown so that you can enjoy sustained smoothness long after your procedure.

To look and feel younger with rejuvenated skin, make an appointment at Refresh Wellness to experience the leading integrative medicine provider in laser hair removal for face and legs in Newtown, Langhorne, and Warminster, PA.