Vitamin Microinfusion Facials

Give Your Skin a Dose of Health with Vitamin Microinfusion Facials

Vitamin Microinfusion Facials, available here at Refresh, inject multiple nutrients into your skin to improve your facial health. It uses a micro-channeling device to deliver these substances directly into the superficial surface (about three-fifths of one millimeter deep) of your skin:  

Vitamin C

Antioxidants are beneficial for your overall health, and your skin is no exception.  


This is a specific antioxidant that brightens and evens out your skin tone.  

Hyaluronic acid filler

Also used in our Vampire Facelifts®, HA hydrates the skin for a fuller, less droopy appearance.  

B Complex Vitamins

These ingredients, all injected simultaneously in one mixture, add to your body’s production of collagen, detoxifies and creates a natural glow which promotes healthy-looking skin. Unlike micro-needling, which typically requires three days of downtime, the effects of vitamin microinfusion facials are almost immediate. The results are not permanent, as the body requires a regular supply of the vitamins in vitamin microinfusion facials to stay in such a healthy condition. Many patients enjoy the effects so much that they receive regular treatments, sometimes as often as every two months or so. If you think a vitamin microinfusion facial might be right for you, contact Refresh for a consultation today!