Life Coaching

What Is Life Coaching?

At Refresh, your personal development is our top priority. We offer exceptional life coach counseling in Newton for your personal and professional life to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Our life coaching services can ensure that your struggles all but end and that you get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time it would take under normal circumstances. We offer you the structure, support, and tools of professional life coach counseling in Newtown so that you can realize the type of success you want for yourself.

All you have to do is take the first step to find a life coach and mentor in Newtown, Pennsylvania!

Our personal development and life skills coaches in Newtown, Yardley, Center City Philadelphia, and the areas of Rittenhouse, Chestnut Hill, and Society Hill can assist our clients either in person or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coach Counseling in Newtown:

What is a Life Coach?

Part therapist– a life coach, is a mentor who will work with you, both professionally and personally, to build effective strategies to improve your life. Life coaches strive to develop close relationships with you and bring out your full, inner potential. As your life skills and confidence coach, they provide useful insight, perspective, and support to make you more successful in your daily life!

Who Works With a Life Coach?

Life coaches work with many types of clients, ranging from celebrities, athletes, and CEOs to everyday people who are looking for a personal life and development coach. No matter from which walk of life you come, life coaching can help you achieve your personal and professional goals and close the gap between who you are and the better person you could become.

Why Does Life Coaching Work So Well?

Our personal confidence coaches can do so much to improve the lives of almost anyone. They provide a much-needed outside perspective on situations. They can help find your inner strength, ease complicated and challenging situations, mentor you, and motivate you to motivate others. Life coaches help to sharpen your existing skills, provide accountability for all of their work, and deliver positive, beneficial results in your life very quickly. They offer the right kinds of expertise to help you set goals and achieve the things you want for yourself (money, productivity, respect, confidence, fitness) from start to finish!

What Types of Life Coach Counseling in Newtown Do We Offer?

At Refresh, our personal life coaches cater to a wide variety of clientele and cover all of the following areas:

  • Business and Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Marriage and Relationship Coaching
  • Performance and Sports Coaching

Contact us if you want to learn more about any of our life coaching programs or if you wish to schedule an appointment with our confidence coaches in Newtown.

Life Coaching Program Testimonial:

“I started Life Coaching with Shawn mid-January, in 3 months Shawn helped me reorganize my next step in life, to lose weight and stick with it, gain the confidence to start working again after a move and three years home with my kids, and to value myself and my time. I lost 18 lbs. I’m working again doing something I love. I’m happy, and so is my family!”

We are located in Newtown, PA, so if you live in Yardley or the Philadelphia areas of Rittenhouse, Society Hill, Chestnut Hill, or Center City, Refresh is the convenient health and wellness center for you!

To find more information regarding our weight loss programs and life coach counseling in Newtown and the surrounding areas, or speak to one of our staff about your unique condition, contact Refresh today to find a life coach and mentor!

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