The Dos and Don’ts of Winter Skincare

Winter comes with a horde of skin issues. Harsh air and cold winds can cause your skin to dry and become dehydrated. However, you can help prevent these issues by using the right skincare routine designed to keep your complexion hydrated and healthy throughout the cold months.

Keep reading to also learn about some of the dos and don’ts of winter skincare.

The Dos

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Most people believe that winter comes with fewer UVB and UVA rays. Well, although your skin is at a lesser risk of UVB rays, there are still UVA rays to deal with. During winter, the UVA rays typically penetrate deeper through the clouds to reach your skin and cause harm. You can help protect your skin by using sunscreen daily.

Boost Your Hydration

As the air gets colder, you may notice an increase in skin irritation. Hydrate your skin with a hydrating face mask to boost hydration levels. Adequate hydration soothes and renews your skin to give you a youthful look.

Exfoliate Regularly

Cold temperatures and decreasing humidity can make your face feel dry. This results in the deposits of dead surface cells that impair the optimal functioning of your skin. You can exfoliate weekly to get rid of the dead cells and achieve newer, healthier, and radiant skin.

Moisturize After Showering

Applying a lotion straight after your shower can help you get the best hydrating effects. If you are taking a hot shower, keep in mind that your skin will need immediate nourishment soon after you step out of the water. Therefore, lather yourself up using a body moisturizer.

The Don’ts

Don’t indulge in long hot showers.

Hot water can be so inviting, but staying in it for too long can impact your skin. Hot water can compromise the lipid layer of the skin and lead to water loss and irritation.

Don’t cover your skin with makeup.

If you have dry skin, avoid the temptation to cover the patches using makeup. Instead of trying to get your makeup to look even, focus on hydrating the skin adequately by applying a moisturizer before a foundation.

Don’t neglect the rest of your body.

While the focus should be on your face, don’t forget the other parts of your body, including your hands and legs. As soon as you get out of the shower, apply the moisturizer on every part of the body to avoid ashy legs and hands.

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